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(USA) We're looking for composers and producers!

(USA) We're looking for composers and producers!

When the going gets lame, change the game. Welcome to Epidemic Sound! We're hiring!

We are a production music supplier from the famed Nordic music nation of Sweden. Our country has become renowned in recent years, not only for exceptional songwriting skills and musical talent, but for taking the lead when it comes to merging these qualities with the latest technology and innovative business models. Spotify and Soundcloud are great Swedish examples of that.


We supply content creators with exceptional music in the simplest way possible. At the same time we offer songwriters and producers the opportunity to work with - and earn money from - their music from day 1.

Our online music library contains +25,000 tracks from +170 genres and styles - all immediately available for downloading, sharing and use. A fixed fee subscription model give broadcasters, TV networks and online content platforms unlimited access to our library without traditional rights restrictions and limitations. As a result, music written by our composers can be heard in a great number of TV shows and online productions world-wide.


We offer an opportunity to create music and get paid straight away.

We work with selected composers who write and produce tracks upon our creative guidelines. They all have complete control over their work situation. Some write several tracks every week, others a few every month. They decide.

We pay upfront for the tracks, i e. we acquire the financial rights. We are unaffiliated from traditional collecting societies and thus payment is never based on usage. In fact you are always compensated whether the track is ever used or not.

You bill us monthly for the tracks you wish to sell and we include them in our online music catalogue.


As a composer today there are in general three ways to earn money, each with its Pros and Cons:

1. Self-sufficient = Writing, recording, performing and distributing your music by yourself. Requires a lot of hard work and dedication, involving a large amount of uncertainty. In return you are in complete control creatively and economically and gain all remuneration yourself without intermediaries.

2. PRO member = Writing music ”on commission”. Your royalties are collected by the PRO who monitors use of music in TV, radio, in store etc. A reasonable alternative if your music is already being frequently played on air (TV or radio). Retroactive disbursement a few times a year. Payment is based on usage (small fee per seconds of use) and is split between you, the PRO and a potential music publisher.

3. Epidemic Sound = Work for hire, regularly writing music on request and demand. One-time compensation per track. (In average equivalent to 2-3 hours of reported total play in a European medium-sized commercial TV channel. And that is a LOT for one song.) No royalties. Payment not based on usage. In fact you’re always compensated - whether the track is ever used or not. Monthly disbursement.

IMPORTANT: Regrettably we’re not able to work with members of collecting societies (BMI, ASCAP etc.) at the moment. In the US (and a few other jurisdictions around the world) it is possible for an author of musical works to opt out certain works from their collecting society or PRO for certain usage areas. However, this practice is generally not accepted by local collecting societies or PRO's when these works are broadcast or made available to the public outside of the US.

This means that any and all authors that are members of a collecting society or a PRO may opt out works for the US but such an opt out will not be valid in the rest of the world. Outside the US, the collecting societies will perform mandatory administration of any and all works that have been composed by an author that is a member of a collecting society or PRO. They have the right to do this through the bi-lateral agreements that all collecting societies have entered into between themselves that govern the reciprocal collecting obligations of each collecting society or PRO in each territory.

Confusing? We know.


  • You write and produce music according to our creative guidelines.
  • You are assigned a professional Reviewer who’s responsible for the quality of the music, giving you personal feedback and support during the entire creative process. All of our Reviewer’s are professional Songwriters, Producers- and/or Mixing Engineers with a long track record.
  • You deliver approved tracks as mastered stereo files (24bit/48kHz) and bill us monthly.


  • Independent and creative composers/producers of all styles. Please listen to samples from our catalogue here.
  • At the moment we’re particularly interested in Pop, Hip Hop, Electronic and Orchestral music.
  • Since a majority of our producers are male we’re especially pleased to welcome female applicants.
  • Both vocal and instrumental tracks are of interest.
  • Please note, this applies to new tracks produced for Epidemic Sound. Unfortunately, we will not be able to purchase any previously produced songs due to the regulations earlier stated.
  • You need to have the ability to write, record and mix your music youself. We provide a mastering technician.
  • You need to be responsive with the ability to comprehend, and work by, references and creative guidelines.
  • Please note: At the moment we accept applications from US residents only due to legal reasons.


Fill in the form on this page and tell us a little bit more about yourself and describe your area(s) of expertise.

We also need to listen to your music, so please submit links (Soundcloud etc.). Please do not attach any mp3's.

We look forward to your application!


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Headquarter, Stockholm

Åsögatan 121
SE11624 Stockholm Directions info@epidemicsound.com

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